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Dr. Nick Teich, PhD, LCSW, is the founder and principal at Fairwinds Consulting.

Nick's background is as a social worker (LCSW/MSW, Boston College), CEO, and author, and he also holds a doctorate in social policy (Brandeis University).

In 2009 Nick started a youth-serving organization that saw exponential growth under his leadership. He worked hard to maintain a workplace with satisfied staff and high retention rates, learning a lot over the years. Most of his staff were Gen Z and Millennials.


After 13 years, he decided to hand over the reins of that business and start Fairwinds in order to help other businesses and organizations. (He is also an active member of the camp industry where he consults with camps on a myriad of issues.) 

With his unique combination of skills and ability to see the workplace through both social work and CEO lenses, he looks forward to helping your staff and organization thrive. 


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