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When a neutral third party listens to what is going well and what needs improvement, it is the first important step in improving workplace satisfaction.

Frontline staff and leadership all want to feel heard.

The most effective approach style is one that:

  • Takes time to listen and ensure all parties feel heard

  • Lets staff and leadership know what goals are realistic

Fairwinds' consulting process is simple:

1. Nick meets with you and your leadership team to discuss what is working well, what needs improvement, and goals for working together.

2. Nick meets with staff (individuals or small groups at your discretion) to listen and gather information.

3. Nick synthesizes the data from these meetings and discusses with leadership to come up with measurable outcomes and goals that will work for your organization. This is highly personalized.

4. Nick submits a formal report to you detailing recommendations that will help improve your workplace satisfaction among staff.

5. Nick follows up every one to three months depending on the package you choose, to again meet with you, your leadership team, and staff members and ensures goals are on track. He makes changes where necessary. He completes new reports and recommendations each time.

The total time of working together spans 6 - 9 months depending on the package you choose, with options to renew at the end of that time.

Fairwinds Consulting works throughout all New England states (CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME)

See below for package details.

Package details:

Which zone are you in?

Staff are quitting or threatening in large numbers; you likely need crisis intervention.

Negative workplace issues are cropping up with some frequency.

Staff are somewhat satisfied and somewhat dissatisfied; it depends on the person and the day.

Things are going reasonably well, and you want to prevent dissatisfaction and negativity.

Staff are universally happy and you have robust plans for keeping it that way.

These are the times when Fairwinds can best help your business or organization get to thrive or continue to thrive


Your investment is important. If your business or organization does not see positive changes after the completion of your chosen package, as long as you follow the consulting recommendations given, Nick will continue to work with you at no further cost until you get results.

Let's talk.

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