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Suburban Boston, MA

These in-person groups are for parents/guardians/caregivers of trans, non-binary, or otherwise gender diverse youth of all ages. These are social support groups to talk about any and every topic that is of interest to parents, and are completely confidential. Nick will moderate each group.

Groups will take place in Needham, MA once monthly on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9pm. They are led by Nick Teich, PhD, LCSW, who transitioned in 2007 and has since worked with thousands of trans/non-binary/gender diverse youth and their families.

For those not living in the area, please check out our online parent groups and parent consulting services, which are remote, and/or email

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Parent groups will meet once a month for 6 months in Needham, starting in November 2022. You need not live in Needham to attend. 

Dates: Second Wednesday evening of each month, beginning in Nov 2022

Location: Needham, MA. Enrolled families will get the exact location sent to them

Cost: $200 per family for 6 months of meetings

To Register: Fill out the short form below

Questions?: Email or call 207-200-5228

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