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  • Nick M. Teich, PhD, LCSW

"Why You Need to Worry About Burnout"

This article lays out some important points.

"Burnout not only comes with a hefty price tag, but it also drains valuable talent from an organization."

Author Julie Thompson addresses some of the causes of burnout, including "saddling employees with responsibilities outside their job scope," communication issues, and tension in the workplace.

I specialize in helping organizations address these issues with current staff. Prevention is best, when possible. Organizations need to think about these things in advance, when hiring for positions.

When you're posting a job and when you're interviewing a potential employee, ensure that flexibility (within reason) is part of the candidate's attributes. Add information to the description such as "Complete other tasks for X Organization as needed, such as, but not limited to _______" [examples of things your employees have been asked to do in the past outside their normal scope]. The more transparency and ability to talk through what it might look like for someone to be in X Position at your organization, the more they will be clear on expectations from the beginning. If daily schedules are subject to change, show them what an "expected schedule" and an "actual schedule" might look like, and why it might change. Show and tell them exactly what it will be like to work at your organization. This is essential to start the relationship off right and give the candidate a chance to tell you that they are or are not comfortable with the expectations you have for them.

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